General Information


The Leopard Trail Project will create a multiday hiking route, similar to the well known Otter Trail or Whale Trail. The hiking trail will enable groups of hikers to access remote and spectacular areas of the Baviaanskloof World Heritage Site not accessible other than on foot and only by participating in the Leopard Trail. The hikers will stay overnight in hikers chalets situated at appropriate overnight spots. Each group of hikers will be accompanied by a local guide, and will have the option of having their baggage carted between the overnight chalets. Along the trail, the hikers will visit rock art sites, game cameras tracking animal movements in the area, and receive environmental education information at key points on the trail.
The Leopard Trail will target both local and overseas hikers. Through the ‘slack packing’ option of having the hiker’s bags transported between overnight accommodations, the trail will cater to a larger group of potential hikers.
The hiking trail will provide multiple opportunities for community based micro businesses, with each business being owned and managed by a local entrepreneur. The 4 overnight chalets and baggage transfer will be managed by a separate community business. Each group of hikers will be required to walk with a guide, with 5 guides trained and operating on a roster. The base camp will have a restaurant, as well as produce fresh produce, bread and meat for hikers to purchase, all supplied through local community members. A series of additional one day trails and walks will leave from the base camp, encouraging hikers to stay for longer in the area.

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